In 2007, Joyce began the long journey of locating, editing, and recording Percy Grainger’s arrangements of chamber works for saxophone ensembles. With the permission of the Percy Grainger Estate, she has embarked on publishing these works with RBC Publications, Inc.

She anticipates a CD recording of these works will be available by the end of 2013.

To learn more about this on-going project, and Joyce’s Research on Percy Grainger’s saxophone music, please contact Joyce.

Original Composer / Arranger Date of Grainger’s Arrangement
Saxophone Trios:
La Bernadina J. des Prez 1942
Angelus ad Virginem Anonymous 1943
When Yuletide Comes1 S. Olsen/Grainger 1942
Four Note Pavan A. Ferrabosco, II Date unknown
Ballade No. 17 G. Machaut 1942
Saxophone Quartets:
Prelude and Fugue, No V J.S. Bach 1943
Saxophone Quintets:
5-Part Fantasy No. 1 J. Jenkins Date unknown
Lisbon arr. Grainger 1943
Saxophone Sextets:
Fugue No. IV J.S. Bach 1943
6-Part Fantasy and Air  W. Lawes 1937
Ballade No. 17 G. Machaut 1942
Saxophone Choirs:
Angelus ad Virginem Anonymous 1942
The Four Note Pavan A. Ferrabosco, II Date unknown
The Immovable Do P. Grainger 1933-39
Pretty Swallow C. Le Jeune Date unknown
March (with percussion) J.S. Bach 1946
1Grainger orchestrated When Yuletide Comes with four possible trio configurations. All other works with elastic scoring options fall into different ensemble configurations and are noted separately above.